Cole & Weber Rebranding Safeco

Insurer Stressing Increased Diversification
LOS ANGELES–Cole & Weber has created a new TV campaign for longtime client Safeco touting its various services, including car and life insurance.
Five TV spots, now airing on network TV during college football games, redefine the Safeco brand and reinforce the message that consumers can have confidence in their independent Safeco agents. The tagline is, “Safeco. What’s right.”
The campaign is the Seattle-based company’s first major branding effort since it acquired American States last year.
A corporate spot, “What’s Home,” uses time-lapse photography and high-speed images to create an epic, cinematic quality. A life insurance and investment spot, “Life,” shows a young man using a vintage camera to shoot a home movie of a woman at the beach. The image then changes to show the two in the same scene, but much later in life.
“The goal was to illustrate our increased diversification and expertise,” said Ben Benson, national ad manager for Safeco. “Our longstanding partnership with Cole & Weber continues to help us relay that message in unique, strategic ways.”
Separately, the agency has won two new accounts, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and South Umpqua Bank, together worth an estimated $3 million.