“More good stuff!” exclaims the The Leslie Agency’s new advertising campaign, designed to introduce Mayfield ice cream to Alabama.
The television, radio and outdoor ads, produced by the Greenville, S.C.-based shop, feature a bespectacled turtle promoting (what else?) Mayfield’s Turtle Tracks flavor, “the ice cream loaded with more good stuff!”
That stuff includes pecans and caramel ribbons and turtles.
The latter confections resemble chocolate-covered ladybugs.
Since the South is the ice cream consumption capital of the country, and Athens, Tenn.-based Mayfield Dairy Farms is the Southeast’s top-selling brand of ice cream, the turtle is also hoping to come out on top in the race for market share.
The TV commercials, which broke March 20, are airing in the Alabama markets of Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery.
–Vincent Coppola