Colby Has Fun Playing Up California Avocados

LOS ANGELES Dentsu’s Colby & Partners has launched the latest installment of its campaign for the California Avocado Commission.

The effort introduces “Unlike anything else” as a tagline. It includes radio spots breaking this week, as well as outdoor and print ads. Campaign spending is estimated at more than $5 million.

Five 60-second radio spots use a tongue-in-cheek approach, pretending avocados come from areas that do not grow them, like Alaska, the Sahara Desert and Iceland. The ads close with a reminder that the best-tasting avocados come from California.

Outdoor messages in the form of bulletins and bus and mall shelter ads are set to break in March. The executions are meant to have a “California look” with rolling hills and sunshine, according to the Santa Monica, Calif., agency. Headlines include “Just tell everyone they’re grass stains,” “The pit lets you know when to stop eating” and “We also have a support group called AA.” Below the headline are the words, “California Avocados.” Each ad contains the image of an avocado and points viewers to the Web site,

Radio and outdoor ads will run in California markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego, as well as in Portland, Ore., Seattle and Texas cities Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

In addition, Colby has created magazine ads to run in Atlanta, a market the shop said is less familiar with avocados and how to use them. The ads, which break in April publications, feature recipes for California-themed dishes like the California Cobb Salad and California Burger.

Since 1994, the percentage of heavy avocado users in markets where the Avocado Commission has placed ads has grown from 28 percent to 44 percent, according to Colby & Partners. Heavy users are defined as those who consume 36 or more avocados per year.