Clios Selects Sony as Advertiser of the Year

NEW YORK Sony Computer Entertainment America has been named the International Clio Awards’ Advertiser of the Year, a Clio representative said today.

Sony is being honored for its commitment to creative excellence in advertising. One of its latest spots, for the new PlayStation PSP, was directed by Dave Meyers and shows people playing the portable game player to the tune of Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out.”

“Across the years they’ve consistently been innovative and not afraid, and in this case they make a perfect connection with their user or consumer,” said Clio executive director Ami Brophy.

Sony will be honored at the Clio Awards Festival in Miami on May 21-24. Previous Advertiser of the Year winners include Anheuser-Busch, Ikea and Nike.

The Clios are owned by Adweek parent company VNU.