A Client With Promise

Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos last week negotiated with WBCN-FM to have its client, NPC Computer Corp., become the halftime sponsor during broadcasts of New England Patriots football games.
It was the latest in a series of marketing initiatives designed to put the small, Needham, Mass.-based personal computer vendor on the map against huge competitors Dell and Gateway. NPC sells PCs to consumers and businesses, promising better service and quality control.
“The company has limited funds for advertising right now but needs to build a base of customers. Some large companies that buy direct are based right here in Boston,” said Hill, Holliday senior vice president Jim McGinn.
NPC, which McGinn said had sales of $20 million last year, is a relatively small client for Hill, Holliday, which typically works for advertisers that spend at least $10 million.
McGinn views the upstart company as having great potential while providing an opportunity to less experienced staffers to work one-on-one with an entrepreneurial client.
“We saw great potential in how they want to position themselves. It may not be the size account that [agency chief financial officer John] Mills would like to see, but I thought it would be good for us and them,” McGinn said.
The Boston agency two weeks ago broke a newspaper and radio campaign for NPC that strives to reach upscale, personal computer users and buyers in Greater Boston. The headline of one ad reads, “Let’s see, we use the same parts, we have better quality control, but they cost more. Oh yeah, Mr. Dell is a billionaire.” The tagline: “The brand you didn’t know you knew.”
Print executions are running in newspapers such as The Boston Globe, Boston Herald and Boston Business Journal.
The account is managed by McGinn and account executives Ana Cristina Kenney and Joanne Noble.