Clearing The Air

If sweeter-smelling air is what you crave, White Castle has just the ticket.
J. Walter Thompson, Detroit, has created a whimsical new promotion for the Columbus, Ohio-based fast-food retailer that features a giveaway of those nifty car air fresheners that hang from your rear-view mirror.
It’s a somewhat ironic move on the part of White Castle, whose burgers, commonly referred to as “sliders,” are known for their alluring onion scent, said Pam Csatari, JWT account director.
The quirky air fresheners come in three design and scent combinations. “Hot Stuff” is scented with “Very Vanilla”; “Sack Appeal” with “Bodacious Berry”; and “Fresh Buns” with “Pleasant Pine.”
The air fresheners are given away with the purchase of a sack of 10 burgers.
White Castle and JWT also came up with the idea of mailing them to taxicab drivers, who are “always on the go and often grab a quick meal on the run,” Csatari said. –Tanya Irwin