Clarke Goward Jokes Around

Humor Drives Campaign for Local Pub
BOSTON–Sophomoric humor bubbles to the surface of Back Bay Brewing Co.’s latest low-budget effort.
Created by Clarke Goward in Boston, a series of print ads and posters portrays the popular brew pub as a place where serious beer drinkers and those with a strong sense of humor are welcome.
“Some people say we have a European atmosphere,” one ad begins. “But as far as we know, everyone here bathes and shaves their armpits.” A disclaimer of sorts appears in tiny type at the bottom of the ad: “No offense to you people from across the pond, but there are certain nuances of pub life that we’ve chosen to ignore.”
A second ad laments, “It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to meet attractive, intelligent people. That’s why there’s beer.” The fine print: “For years, men and women have tried to find the formula for compatibility. Turns out it’s actually about 7 proof.”
The campaign, now running in The Improper Bostonian and elsewhere, targets the young urban crowd, said copywriter Chris DeCarlo. Creative director Jim Amadeo handled art direction. “We just wanted to have some fun with it,” DeCarlo said.