Citron Haligman Positions Harvest As PowerBar’s Healthy Snack Food

SAN FRANCISCO – PowerBar is reaching out to busy, health-conscious adults with the first campaign for its new Harvest energy bar.
Citron Haligman Bedecarrƒ in San Francisco has developed upbeat TV, print and radio ads for the brand that broke in Northern California earlier this month. The ads will roll out to major cities in the Western U.S. through the end of this week, said agency officials.
PowerBar has “significantly increased” its estimated $2-5 million ad budget to support the new product and is allocating all of its TV dollars to Harvest, said Debbie Pfeifer, a company representative.
The ads continue the humorous, energetic tone of Citron’s previous ads for PowerBar. The first TV spot shows a woman who appears to be competing in some kind of athletic event. A voiceover says, “When they said I couldn’t make it, I did not listen. When they told me I was a dreamer, I could not hear them.” The viewer then discovers she is running is to catch a bus. A new phrase, “For life’s daily marathons,” accompanies the client’s ongoing tagline, “PowerOn.”
Unlike the company’s flagship PowerBar, which is aimed at people who play sports, Harvest is being positioned as a healthy snack bar or meal substitute for people on the go, Pfeifer said.
“Our job [in this campaign] is to let everyone know this product is for their everyday energy needs,” said agency chairman Tom Bedecarre.
The product contains fruit and crunchy grains to appeal to a broad range of consumers and to PowerBar’s core customers. It competes with such products as the Balance Bar, which introduced a humorous TV campaign of its own two weeks ago aimed at mainstream consumers [Adweek, May 18].
Print ads will run in sports and health-oriented lifestyle magazines. The advertising is backed with an integrated marketing effort that focuses on the taste and nutritional benefits of the bars.