Chrysler Forms ‘Save Plymouth’ Squad

DETROIT – Chrysler Corp. has formed the Plymouth Renaissance Team, charged with making the fading brand an integral part of Chrysler’s future. The move comes after two years of obituaries written for Plymouth when reports surfaced that the carmaker was considering phasing it out. The positioning for Plymouth is to be the ‘value brand’ of Chrysler, built on just three products – the upcoming Neon, the replacement car for the Acclaim (codenamed JA) and the Plymouth Voyager. The target demographic – single people and young families entering their thirties. Chrysler-Plymouth general manager Steve Torok says it’s not such a big leap, because the brand has ‘no-image’ with most consumers, rather than a bad image. ‘To some people, especially those under 35, Plymouth means absolutely nothing,’ said Torok. ‘Versus other cars that have to remake their image, we’ve got very little to crawl over.’ Bozell is agency of record for Plymouth.
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