Chips Ahoy! Charts Spanish Course

NEW YORK What’s better than chocolate chip cookies that can talk? Chocolate chip cookies that can speak Spanish, of course.

That’s what viewers of the TV special surrounding People en Espanol’s 50 Most Beautiful will get when they tune in on May 19 at 9 p.m. ET on Telemundo.

There will be four 15-second stop-motion spots that were commissioned for Chips Ahoy! by Bravo Group, the Hispanic arm of Young & Rubicam in New York. Dancing Diablo Studio of Brooklyn handled production.

The spots mimic celebrity interviews: the cookie sits in a chair surrounded by lights and a white backdrop while answering questions from someone off camera. In “Run,” a cookie named Chunky is asked how he keeps in such good shape. He answers, “Run. If I stand still, they would eat me and bye-bye body.” He then leaps from the chair and dashes off set, knocking over equipment in his haste.

“The idea is that Chunky will be the 51st most-beautiful cookie,” said Margarita Peces, creative supervisor, Bravo Group.

The exterior of the cookie, which is about 7 inches in diameter, is constructed of foam latex while its innards are made of wood and wire. Getting the mouth and eyes just right proved to be the most difficult, said Beatriz Ramos, creative director, Dancing Diablo. “You’re very limited in how much you can move the mouth and eyes. It was a challenge to get the expressions right,” she said.