Chili Reception

Powers & Associates has created a campaign to heat up competition among Cincinnati’s famous chili parlors.
The campaign, tagged “The taste that’s taking over,” positions Gold Star Chili as the chili of today, and the best option for the younger generation.
“Kiss that chili of the ’50s goodbye, baby!” says the TV spot’s voiceover. “As for that other chili, well, leave it to Beaver.”
The fully integrated campaign, launched last week, is the most competitive marketing effort in chili industry history, claims Goldstar marketing director Roger David.
“We’re spicing it up,” he said.
That’s no small task in a city that sees sweet-tasting chili as its contribution to American cuisine. Cincinnati has 175 chili parlors, including the famous Skyline chain.
“That is the craze down here. It’s our own original food,” said Krista Taylor, account manager at Powers.
Goldstar is not the category leader, but is looking to accelerate growth with the campaign, David said.
“What we’re trying to do is label or position all the other chili competition as out-of-date or old-fashioned,” he said.
–Jenn Goddu