Chase “Dress”

Everyone loves freebies, and it seems upscale consumers are just as thrilled as the rest of us when they feel like they are getting something for nothing (except, of course, for all spending that keeps those rewards points flowing). In this mcgarrybowen spot for the Chase Sapphire card aimed at affluent consumers, a woman models her fabulous new dress as Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” sets the mood. Her companion suggests they use their rewards for a vacation, especially since Sapphire has no travel restrictions. As he fantasizes about an exotic getaway, she tries to explain that they can’t use the points for a trip, because she’s already blown them on the dress. While the dress is probably pricey enough to compare to the cost of a weekend getaway, ending the spot with that message leaves the impression the program can’t be all that rewarding if she can’t enjoy the dress while on that vacation. That would probably require another spending spree.–Eleftheria Papris