Center Of Attention

Fred Criniti nearly fell from his seat when legendary Boston Celtics center Bill Russell sashayed past his office at Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos recently.
Had the management supervisor taken a tumble, Russell (shown here) would no doubt have recognized the furniture nearby–chairs once occupied by his former coach, cigar-chomping Boston legend Red Auerbach.
Criniti is the keeper of the seats that were numbered one through three in the old Boston Garden, where Auerbach often took in games while part of the Celtics’ front office. Hill, Holliday was high bidder in an auction held just before the shrine was torn down and replaced by the Fleet Center.
Russell, whose Celtics No. 6 was retired in 1972, is working with Hill, Holliday on a national mentoring program, called One to One, being launched by the Harvard School of Public Health.
–Judy Warner