Celebs Tout the ‘OnStar Treatment’

LOS ANGELES Deutsch/LA’s first campaign for General Motors’ OnStar features celebrities and introduces the theme that having the device is like getting star treatment.

Two 30-second spots and one 60-second branding effort break Sunday, according to the Interpublic Group agency in Marina del Rey, Calif.

In the brand spot, Tiger Woods rushes to his Buick and, using a cell phone, asks OnStar to open his door remotely so he can remove his Nike shirt. A freeze-frame brings in the title of the feature, “Remote Door Unlock.”

To demonstrate “On Demand Vehicle Diagnostics,” Kelly Ripa, driving her Yukon Danali, calls in to discover that she left her gas cap off. Jimmy Kimmel calls OnStar to report his Pontiac Solstice stolen, then is embarrassed to discover that the valet is delivering it to him.

To show hands-free dialing, an ordinary guy driving a Saturn calls his wife because the kid in the backseat is bawling. The sound of her voice quiets the baby.

The brand spot’s tag: “Get the OnStar treatment, no matter who you are.”

In the 30-second spots, Woods calls OnStar in a rainstorm, having locked his keys in his car. He says he’d rather not use his nine iron to get in. When OnStar opens the doors via satellite, Woods says, “OnStar can do that?” The tag: “OnStar: Active.”

Nascar driver Jeff Gordon is seen driving a Chevy pickup, getting on-demand vehicle diagnostics. At the end of the spot, he asks the OnStar voice, “Ever been on a pit crew?”

Joe Pytka directed the spots. Group creative directors Mike Bryce (art) and Eric Springer (copy) worked under CCO Eric Hirshberg.

GM considers IPG’s Campbell-Ewald, Detroit, the lead agency on the business.

The automaker spent $80 million dollars advertising OnStar last year, per Nielsen Monitor