CDC Rates Minority Marketers

The Centers for Disease Control will hear presentations this week from five agencies seeking the minority portion of its$125 million Youth Media Campaign.

Sources said agencies that have been invited to pitch include Cartel Creativo and Garcia/LKS, both of San Antonio, and Muse Cordero Chen & Partners in Los Angeles. Additionally, a consortium of agencies composed of G&G Advertising in Albuquerque, N.M., and New York shops A Partnership, PFI Marketing and Luz Triada received an invitation.

A fifth participant could not be identified at press time last week.

A CDC representative declined comment, except to confirm that the client will likely divide the account further into two portions after evaluating the presentations. For example, the Hispanic marketing account could be awarded separately from the CDC’s other minority target audiences.

One source said the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control is trying to award business to as many agencies as possible. The client also aims to engage smaller agencies, having imposed a $25 million revenue ceiling to qualify for the review.

Presentations take place June 26-28. The contract starts Oct. 1.