Cat Call

It doesn’t have quite the same cachet in some circles as a Clio or Lion, but an Effie is the cat’s meow to many.
Sponsored by the New York American Marketing Association, the Effie Awards measure the overall effectiveness of advertising. This year’s winners included Mintz & Hoke in Avon, Conn., for The YoFarm Co. and Arnold Communications in Boston for Volkswagen of America.
A TV campaign for YoFarm’s YoCrunch yogurt beat out work from Young & Rubicam for Jell-O and a Pepperidge Farm effort from Saatchi & Saatchi. All seven 60-second YoFarm spots feature a customer service rep receiving phone calls from off-beat and confused customers. Sales of YoCrunch have tripled since the ads broke a year ago.
So pleased was YoFarm president and CEO Griff Dixcey with the award that when his family adopted a kitten, the name was a given. Yes, the feline furball answers to Effie.
– Judy Warner