at the carwash

José, Boston’s newest radio pitchman, likens a trip to the carwash to more saucy activities in a new set of radio spots for Allston Carwash in Boston.

The effort, created by Rattle Advertising in Somerville, Mass., features José, a carwasher, describing his place of employment from his own Latin-lover perspective. He describes his prowess at shampooing, waxing and “body” work.

“I will not let you go until you have that certain glow I know only I can provide,” he drawls before being interrupted by, “C’mon, José, hurry up already, we’ve got cars here!”

The spot closes with a voiceover describing the carwash as a “spa for your car” and Jose’s opinion that the headlights “are the gateway to the soul.”

“They really are quite attentive,” said Rattle principal Joey Baron of Allston’s attendants—two of whom happen to be named José.

“Both are really ex cited about it going on the air,” Baron said. “They think it will do wonders for their social lives.”