Carmichael Hams It Up

Crafts Lighthearted Work for HoneyBaked
CHICAGO–Carmichael Lynch takes a humorous look at the relationship between HoneyBaked Ham of Ohio and its customers in its first campaign for the Cincinnati-based retailer.
Positioning the product as “The world’s most coveted ham,” the agency has created one 15-second and two 30-second TV spots aimed at securing HoneyBaked Ham a place at holiday tables, said John Colasanti, managing partner at the Minneapolis agency. The campaign also includes radio, outdoor and newspaper ads, and is running in 17 major markets, including Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Phoenix and Washington, D.C. Ads are built around the theme, “You, too, may fall under its spell.”
One spot shows a couple on their first ride home with a baby seat in the back. The woman badgers the man, who admits he’s nervous, to drive carefully. The end of the spot reveals a HoneyBaked Ham strapped into the seat.
The other 30-second spot shows a man returning home with half a ham and a messy mouth. When his wife asks where the rest of the ham has gone, he offers wild excuses, including “It shrinks in the cold.”
The spots play up the “love affair” and “passion” HoneyBaked customers have with the product, Colasanti said.
The 15-second spot and newspaper ads remind consumers that there’s plenty of time left to order a ham for the holidays.
Carmichael won creative duties on the $5-10 million account earlier this year. Doe-Anderson, Louisville, retains media responsibilities.