CareerBuilder Starts Search

CHICAGO Job search site CareerBuilder has put its $60 million account into reivew, a company representative confirmed. Incumbent Cramer-Krasselt has opted not to defend.

While the client rep confirmed the business was going into play, she would not provide details about the split or a timetable.

The review comes on the heels of the company’s launch of a high-profile campaign on the Super Bowl. The ads transplant office workers to a jungle setting, with meetings and other office activities depicted as traps and hazards. The effort replaced a popular two-year campaign that showed a man who worked in an office full of chimpanzees.

According to an internal memo written by agency CEO Peter Krivkovich, the shop’s performance was heavily measured by the USA Today Ad Meter poll following the Super Bowl. Though the chimpanzee spots had scored among the top 10 most popular in previous Super Bowl telecasts, the jungle campaign placed no better than 16th.

Because the spots did not score higher, the company informed the agency it was putting the account in review, and the agency opted not to defend, Krivkovich said in the memo.

“We certainly don’t think one poll builds a brand,” he said. “We don’t think that our tremendous results should be defined or denigrated by a measurement that everyone knows is not related to business success.”

The agency in Chicago has handled creative and media duties on the account for five years. After taking on the assignment, the shop changed the company’s media strategy to concentrate more dollars on Sunday and Monday (when people dread starting a work week), and advertising on the Super Bowl to take advantage of New Year’s resolutions that often include finding new jobs.

In addition to traditional media, the agency also created viral and Web components, such as the “Monk-E-mail” program that depicted a talking chimpanzee, and an interactive tool that ungracefully aged a picture to suggest what someone would look like if they stayed in an undesirable job too long. The Monk-E-Mail program won Adweek’s Buzz Campaign of the Year award last September.