Carded: Connelly Empowers FCHP

BOSTON Connelly Partners employs humor to underscore “The power of Fallon Community Health Plan” in a regional campaign unveiled today that uses the plan’s membership card as a symbol of strength.

Each time characters in the ads use the card (to ward off a vicious barking dog, for example), they come out on top. One TV spot includes a spoof of the ’70s baseball comedy The Bad News Bears, while another shows three nerds who attempt to use the FCHP card as a totem of power in a fantasy roll-playing game.

Spots conclude with voiceovers such as “Knowing you are always protected, that’s the power of Fallon Community Health Plan” and “The feeling of security you want in your life. That’s the power of Fallon Community Health Plan.”

One goal of the effort, according to the independent shop here, is to establish the card as an icon that will help FCHP stand out from national and local rivals such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Community Health Plan and Tufts Health Plan, among others.

Print ads ask questions such as “If you had the power to be invisible, would you use it?” and “If you had the power to see the future, would you use it?” Responses will appear in upcoming radio spots.

“Through our entire FCHP campaign, we wanted to show the power of the intangible—that feeling that you know you are being taken care of,” said Alyssa D’Arienzo Toro, agency svp, cd.

D’Arienzo Toro served as cd on the new work, with copy by Ronan Doyle and art direction handled by Meredith Schwinder. Alyson Singer produced the TV spots, and Don Rase directed.

The client typically spends $3-5 million annually in measured media.

Connelly Partners also works for A.J. Wright, Bertucci’s, Ocean Spray and Trip Advisor, among others.