can you spot the butthead?

At the recent Adweek Creative Conference, David Lubars (top) and Jamie Barrett spoke on “How Not to Be a Butthead Creative.” As an example, they recreated the delicate moment last year when Barrett resigned from Fallon. Barrett had been ecd in New York; Lubars is co-president, ecd in Minneapolis.

Butthead version:

Hey, Dave.

Hey, Jamie.

Dave, I’m leaving Fallon.

Excuse me?

I’m leaving Fallon.

Why? Because you’re a loser and a hack and can’t take the pressure?

No, I have three kids, and my wife and I want to move out of New York.

Where are you going, loser/hack?

To Goodby, Silverstein.

They blow. That’ll be a good fit.

Still want to do the Adweek Conference speech with me?

No, I don’t do speeches with loser/hack/quitters who can’t take the pressure.

Well, good working with you.

You mean “being carried by you.”

Goodbye and good luck.

Bite me. K

Non-butthead version:

Hey, Dave.

Hey, Jamie.

Dave, I’m leaving Fallon.

Wow. That’s a real blow to the organization, Jamie. But I’m sure you’ve thought this through and are doing what’s right for you and your family, as opposed to fucking over our New York office.

Thanks, Dave.

You’re welcome, Jamie.

Say, Dave, do you still want to do that Adweek Conference speech with me?

Fly roundtrip to Albuquer que with a layover in Dallas to do a speech with a guy who just deserted our company? You bet.

Great. [pause] You know, Dave, believe it or not, I was afraid you might think I was a loser/hack/quitter.

No, Jamie, as far as you know, I don’t think that at all.

See you in Albuquerque.

Looking forward to it.