C-K Ads ‘Intrude on the Medium’

LaSalle Bank continues to suggest it is the place for pro-active financial advice with a new outdoor and transit campaign that takes a mock-guerrilla approach.

Billboards from Cramer-Krasselt here employ fake ads for everything from pain relievers to a classic-rock radio station as backgrounds, over which is “pasted” a reminder from the Chicago-based bank.

“Stop feeling crummy” blares the headline of one ad, which shows cheesy lightning bolts radiating from a man’s head to indicate his pain. In that ad for “Rossitol,” a yellow overlay across one side of the board suggests, “Maybe better cash management could help. LaSalle, the bank that works.”

The work is an extension of a campaign that showed LaSalle bankers popping up in unexpected places to offer financial advice, said Emil Zbella, senior vice president and advertising manager for LaSalle.

Agency creatives “took it the next step and said, ‘Let’s sortof intrude on [the medium],’ ” Zbella said.

The work has a splashy look not often associated with banks. “Our research tells us that customers appreciate a little bit of humor, especially if it’s not heavy-hitting or slapstick, but something that’s perceived as smart and sophisticated,” Zbella said.