When it comes to straddling the line between funny and politically incorrect, only Fallon will do for Comedy Central. Tapped to help introduce the new political sitcom, That’s My Bush!, which debuts April 4, Fallon has launched a print campaign sure to strike a chord with some.

In one print ad, black type against a red background proclaims, “President Bush = GOOD. Comedy Central’s show about him = BAD.” Underneath, white type reads: “Paid for by the [fictional] American Republican Party.”

Democrats aren’t spared, either. One ad, “paid for” by the equally phony “American Democratic Party,” reads, “Never before has television captured a president’s essence like Comedy Central’s ‘That’s My Bush!’ “

“They do really wonderful work,” said Cathy Tankosic, the New York-based network’s svp of marketing, on the first-time collaboration with Fallon in New York. “They have the right sort of sensibility in terms of comedy.”

So far, the network has received no complaints from irate politicos. “The best response would be if they decided to watch the show,” said Tankosic.

Ads broke in entertainment magazines, newspapers and newsweeklies last week.