Burnett’s Foreign Coke Work Exported to U.S.

By Scott Hume

CHICAGO–By exporting some of its overseas work to the U.S., Leo Burnett is strengthening its global ties to Coca-Cola Co.

Three television spots originally produced for foreign markets now are being added to the pool of creative used here. ‘Dispenser,’ a Coca-Cola Light spot created by Burnett’s office in Milan, Italy, has been re-edited as a Diet Coke spot for the U.S. It made its U.S. debut during last month’s Academy Awards broadcast and has been subsequently put into rotation with other Coke creative.

Two 30-second spots for brand Coca-Cola created by the agency’s Chicago headquarters in conjunction with its Johannesburg, South Africa, office also are being seen in the U.S. One, called ‘Language of Love,’ was first aired during the Grammy Awards in February. It and a second spot, ‘Spaza,’ meaning straws, have joined the domestic creative rotation.

‘From time to time there is creative done on a local market basis that we feel may work in another (market) as well, and that was the case with these (spots),’ said Bob Bertini, a representative for Atlanta-based Coca-Cola.

In ‘Dispenser,’ female office workers await the daily arrival of a handsome Coca-Cola delivery man. The similarities to a popular 1994 spot from New York’s Lowe & Partners called ‘Diet Coke Break’ led to the company’s decision to import the spot, Bertini said.

‘Language of Love’ intersperses product shots with brief copy lines: ‘A hello. A touch. A dance.’ It closes with the ‘Always Coca-Cola’ tagline.

Burnett handles assignments for Coca-Cola brands–including Hi-C, Sprite, Diet Sprite and several local brands in addition to Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Light–in 25 countries.

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