Burnett, Special K Bring Up Daughters

Leo Burnett aims at women’s dreams for the next distaff generation in its latest TV work for Kellogg’s Special K.
A 30-second spot breaking Aug. 2 continues the theme introduced last year of discouraging women from equating self-worth with body image. The previous work was highlighted by a humorous spot in which men looked ridiculous making statements about their bodies that women often make.
The new ad takes more of an emotional approach, showing a toddler playing in front of a mirror. “How will she feel about her body?” reads onscreen type. “It depends on the example she’s given.”
Research showed that while many women accept the fact that the world emphasizes body image, they hope things will be different for their daughters, said Denise Fedewa, Burnett vice president, planning director.
The spot closes with a new tagline, “Look and feel your best with Special K,” replacing “Reshape your attitude.”
Print ads with a similar theme break in about a month, said Fred Jacques, executive vice president and general manager at Kellogg.
Kellogg, Battle Creek, Mich., spent $24 million on Special K ads last year, per Competitive Media Reporting.