Burnett Gives Mondera a Regal Theme

Leo Burnett links the global reach of the Internet with Mondera.com’s world of jewelry in its first campaign for the online retailer.
The agency’s print ads play off the company’s name–a combination of the French word “monde,” meaning world, and “era,” connoting a long period of time–by graphically relating bejeweled hands, arms and legs to international landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids of Giza. All the ads feature the headline, “Wear the world.”
“The campaign intends to show the reach of the Internet and the reach of Mondera,” said Fred Mouawad, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer.
The work also employs purple tones to convey the feeling of royalty, Mouawad said. The color is being used across Mondera.com’s entire business, from its Web site to its boxes. The company is aiming for an effect similar to Tiffany’s well-known sky blue theme, Mouawad said.
“When you see purple, we want you to associate it with Mondera,” he said.
The print ads break this week in fashion and lifestyle magazines. Outdoor and radio executions will also break in six U.S. cities: Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, San Diego and Portland, Ore.
“We wanted to advertise in cities where it’s harder to find jewelry,” Mouawad said. “It doesn’t make much sense to advertise [heavily] in New York because they have 47th Street.”
The radio spots continue the worldly theme, telling consumers they needn’t travel far to find jewelry when they can use Mondera.com, Mouawad said.
The New York company is expected to spend $5 million on the work during the fourth quarter, sources said.
Burnett and media subsidiary Starcom landed the account last month after a review.