Burnett Capitalizes

Techies Move HQ From Dallas to Austin
DALLAS–TFA/Leo Burnett Technology Group of Chicago is shifting its Southwest headquarters from Dallas to Austin, placing itself at the hub of Texas’ high-tech market.
The new TFA locale has opened with 12 employees and core client Motorola (semiconductor division). Scott Murray, newly appointed president, heads the office. Murray is formerly the client services director at TFA/Leo Burnett in Chicago.
“If we look at the growth of high tech in the Southwest, Austin is the epicenter” in terms of start-ups, computers, Internet and venture capital firms, said Murray, as opposed to Dallas’ telecommunications-dominated market. The state capital has seen a tripling of its high-tech employment growth rate over the past 10 years, according to TFA/Leo Burnett.
The Dallas branch will remain open, according to TFA/Leo Burnett chief executive Sean Bisceglia, but will now operate as a service site to Austin.
Bisceglia said TFA/Leo Burnett plans to continue operations with two game plans: serving as a specialist to counteract general market agencies lacking technological know-how, and touting the national and global reach of the Leo Burnett network against the region’s independent high-tech marketing shops.
Prime examples of those type of shops are SicolaMartin in Austin and M/C/C of Dallas.
TFA/Leo Burnett also has an office in Boston, another haven for high-tech companies.
Besides Motorola, another client being served from the Austin location is Efficient Networks, a DSL modem manufacturer.
Murray said the Southwest operations plan to grow into a $35-40 million agency by the end of the year, with 20-30 total employees.
The office’s media workload will continue to be handled by Leo Burnett’s Starcom buying service. Research support is the responsibility of the parent organization.