Burger King Relaunches BK.com

NEW YORK Making good on its “Have it your way” brand promise, Burger King relaunched the highly customizable BK.com today. Whether consumers are looking to purchase their own bottle of flame-broiled fragrance or learn how to repel “Kingon” attacks, they will now have more control over their online experience.
Visitors control the content on their screen via three scroll bars that slide to adjust the amount, size and type of icons displayed. “Fun” includes a library of TV ads and user-generated content including 2004’s SubservientChicken.com and 2007’s Simpsonizeme.com. “Food” provides menu options and nutritional information. “King” offers consumers access to all King-related items for consumers who want even more of the omnipresent mascot.
New features include the “Build a menu” option where users can view nutritional attributes of their meal. The “Burger Builder” allows fans to create their own Whopper using traditional ingredients. And the new restaurant locator offers an interactive store tour.
“This enhanced Web site bridges the gap between what audiences see on television, in restaurants and online, bringing together the advertising and viral content that super fans have come to know and love from Burger King,” said Brian Gies, vice president, marketing impact for BK, in a statement. “In focus groups, consumers confirmed what they wanted — rewards and value, along with a compelling reason to stay and explore the site. The result is an interactive platform that puts the brand at their fingertips and gives them the power to tailor the site to their personal needs and interests.”

BK lead agency Crispin, Porter + Bogusky handled the site redesign.
The restaurant chain will also redesign its kid-focused site, ClubBK.com, later this summer. It will feature a buddy list tool for its existing chat functionality. Currently, children can create customized avatars, which can receive virtual rewards when kids enter codes from BK Kids Meal packaging.

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