Budget Boost Gets Bombardier in SI Swimsuit Issue

Bombardier’s increased advertising commitment to its sport boat division begins with a print ad from BBDS in the upcoming swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.

The Grant, Fla., company’s 2002 marketing budget for boats is about $6 million, nearly double the amount the division spent last year, said Scott Bucher, general manager of BBDS’ Milwaukee office, which heads the Bombardier account.

The ad is set for the Feb. 25 Sports Illustrated and features three bikini-clad women in the new Sea-Doo Utopia 205. It will be the only marine-industry ad in the swimsuit issue, which reaches 4.5 million readers, Bucher said. That’s a vast increase from the brand’s general audience in marine publications, which reach about 600,000 readers, Bucher said.

The company wanted to expand its market base “to stand out from the competition” and saw Sports Illustrated as the ideal venue to get its message across, said Julie Johnson, communications manager with Bombardier. “We found [Sports Illustrated] speaks directly to the audience we are targeting,” Johnson said.

The swimsuit-issue ad is backed by copy that reads, “You won’t meet women in bikinis driving around in your car.” Another ad shows a speeding Sea-Doo boat and reads, “It’s got high-tech ventilation and air circulation system. We call it a throttle.”

“We’re selling the marine category against the auto category,” Bucher said.

In all, four print ads are set to run in upcoming special issues of Sports Illustrated, including those focusing on golf and the Indy 500, Bucher said.