Bridgestone “Sticky”

“Sticky” has become a buzzword in Internet-commerce circles. This TV spot for Bridgestone tires (via The Richards Group, Dallas) gives vivid depictions of more-traditional manifestations of the word, from gum on the sole of one’s shoe to pine tar on a baseball bat to a candied apple rolling through a tray of crushed nuts. The visuals are catchy, as are the sounds the various kinds of stickiness emit. It makes for an attention-holding buildup to the terse sales pitch for Bridgestone’s Blizzak tires, which at the end of the spot are seen sticking to a treacherous-looking, snow-and-ice-covered road. Every snow tire promises to keep your car from skidding off slippery winter roads. By giving such strong expression to different kinds of stickiness, Bridgestone manages to leave viewers with the impression that it has a special understanding of that challenge. And the voiceover does its bit as it urges consumers to “stick with Blizzak.” One complaint: The sights and sounds in the spot have been sufficiently novel that the reference to Blizzak as “the official tire of winter” seems
shopworn by comparison. The “official this of that” shtick has an awful lot of mileage on it by now.–Mark Dolliver