A Bridge Notorious for Suicides Is Transformed in a Creative Project

CCO Susan Credle on Bridge of Life

My Pick: Bridge of Life Samsung Life Insurance, Korea

In a Nutshell: A bridge with a high suicide rate is transformed into a bridge of hope with technology.

Why I Wish I Did It: So much of the time I feel like technology and content steal one of our most valuable resources from us: time. Samsung Life Insurance turned a bridge that took people’s lives into a bridge that gives people hope. This idea takes nothing from anyone, and on its most powerful day, it reminds people how precious the time we have on this earth is. If we create work that easily answers the question, why does this matter?, people will see the value of what we do and probably want more, not less, of it. Samsung Life Insurance, through a simple creative idea, lets people know it values life.

Fast Stats:
1,847,691 YouTube views
1.8 kilometers of messages
2,200 LED lights and sensors
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