Brickmill Breaks Citizens Push

Brickmill Marketing Services is set to break the newest element in an ongoing campaign for Citizens Funds, an investment house specializing in socially responsible companies.

A black-and-white exe cution displays the headline, “A 360o view on socially responsible investing.” A photograph of a smiling young girl is displayed at the top of the ad, which reads, “For two decades, a fully integrated research pro cess has made Citizens Funds the leader in socially responsible investing. Our 360o analysis weighs the full range of fundamental and social factors that can affect stock performance.”

“The child is supposed to give the look of being peaceful and evoke [feelings] of family,” said Brian Renda, president and CEO of the Nashua, N.H.-based shop. “The [effort] is plain, but it speaks to the heart of who they are.”

The work will break in the June issue of The Green Money Journal. Three executions preceded the client’s latest effort, which is tagged, “Fun damental ly strong. Soc i ally responsible.”

A previous ad showed a black-and-white photograph of a young family hiking in the woods with the headline, “Your values are worth investing in.”

The budget was not disclosed, but for the past few years, the Portsmouth, N.H., client spent about $1 million on marketing efforts, according to CMR.

The 50-person agency’s client roster includes Digital Light and Color, March of Dimes, World Wildlife Fund and Drexel University.