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Is the Britney Spears marketing bullet train coming off the rails?

First, the Pepsi girl was spotted guzzling Coke in public, a faux pas that tickled some teens in Coke’s hometown of Atlanta. These kids—all Britney look-alikes—now plan to attend her Dec. 12 concert in homemade T-shirts showing the pop star with a Coke and the words, “Oops, I did it again.”

Now comes word that Chicago’s WKSC-FM (Kiss FM) is in hot water over a “Boobies Like Britney” contest. The teaser for it read: “You first met her on The Mickey Mouse Club. You’ve watched her GROW into every guy’s fantasy slave. Now you want what she’s got!” Teens have to send a photo and mini-essay on why they should get the $5,000 and four concert tickets; KISS listeners have the final vote.

Things calmed down a bit when the competition was renamed “Body Like Britney.”

“It was never about a boob job, although I know it appears that way,” Kiss FM chief Kathy Stinehour told the Chicago Sun-Times. “There are lots of moving parts to [Britney]—her clothes, her hair, her makeup, all that stuff.”

Marketing boss Gloria Hinrichs tells Shoptalk the ruckus was over blown. “They can use the winnings to help pay for their college tuition.”