Carin Warner has been on a mission to transform what started as a one-woman public relations operation into a full-service but virtual marketing agency.
With the addition of several new clients, Warner reported the transformation is nearly complete. From her office in Manchester-by- the-Sea, Warner said she has no desire to compete against larger agencies and is still comfortable with a virtual agency network for telecommuters and retainer-based subcontractors.
“I’m finding that there are a lot of senior people who have just had it with agency life for whatever reason,” Warner said. “At some point, I might have to consider expanding into bigger space just to attract the right mix of talent. I’m finding that young people, for example, really want the social aspect that an office environment gives.”
For now, though, Warner is a “virtual” alternative for new clients in Newton, Mass.; Aspen Technology in Cambridge, Mass.; Access International, also in Cambridge; and Nelson Bach USA in Wilmington, Mass. Bach expanded Warner’s initial public relations assignments to include advertising and media planning and placement. Aspen is a public relations client, while BabyStripes and Access are collateral and public relations clients.
–Judy Warne