Boston Market “8 Seconds”

What would you do for a taste of Boston Market’s new Crispy Country Chicken? Fallon’s first work for the restaurant chain shows the lengths people go to get the meal with ads that suggest “leave country to the experts.” In this spot, an office worker is tempted by another’s chicken meal and asks to try it. But his co-worker instead poses a country-inspired challenge: “I don’t know. Do you think you can ride Hank over there for eight seconds?” The guy, who seems to be surprisingly small when he steps out from behind his desk, then jumps on top of Hank, who is kneeling on the floor to fix a copier and rides him like a bull as twangy country music plays until he’s thrown off with a slam to the floor. Poor guy misses by one second and the spot ends with the requisite food shot and a voiceover that tells viewers to “leave country to the experts” at Boston Market. The spot’s funny enough — it’s always fun to watch a guy humiliating himself with a stupid stunt. But does anyone else find it odd that a chain that has Boston in its name, the city it was founded in as Boston Chicken, is claiming to be “country” experts? I guess chickens just aren’t that funny. Eletheria Parpis