‘Boston’ Launches E-Newsletter

BOSTON Boston magazine on Friday launches a weekly e-mail newsletter covering retail sales, store openings, promotions and related events, the publication said.

The inaugural ShopTalk brings readers up to date on sales of summer collections, accessories and gifts. It also provides coverage on plans for new high-end department stores and the likely fallout from the merger of the parent companies of Macy’s and Filene’s.

ShopTalk will be sent to desktops every Friday, in time for weekend shopping.

“Our readers count on us to keep them up to date on local news about fashion and retail, and especially to let them know where and when to find the trendiest products,” said Jon Marcus, the magazine’s editor, in a statement. “Now we can do that on a weekly basis.”

ShopTalk is the magazine’s second e-newsletter. It follows The Agenda, launched last month to offer readers weekly listings of art, music, theater, dance, film, TV, sports, society and family-oriented events.

Both e-newsletters are sent free to anyone who signs up on the magazine’s Web site, bostonmagazine.com. After only five weeks, nearly 10,000 people have subscribed to The Agenda, the magazine said.

—Adweek staff report