Boost “Pit Crew”

Sounds like a treat for lecherous viewers: a commercial starring racecar driver Danica Patrick that includes multiple closeups of miniskirted legs and halter-topped torsos. Alas, the people clad in the revealing outfits are Patrick’s male pit-crew members. It’s an attention-getting setup for the recurring question in Boost Mobile’s ads campaign (via 180LA), “You think this is wrong?” What’s really wrong, Patrick tells us here, is “paying extra to use all your phone’s basic feaures.” It’s a good match of celeb and sales pitch. Boost Mobile has set up shop as the champion of the put-upon common man (or woman) who’s trying not to be “wronged” by Big Phone. And Patrick, of course, has had to challenge the establishment in a heretofore all-male sport. Her image of feistiness meshes well with Boost Mobile’s positioning, thus helping to amplify the brand’s image instead of upstaging it. By the way, a bunch of other brands get a free ride in this spot as their names are readily visible on Patrick’s racecar – Honda, and airTran among them. Whether they enjoy being associated with a cross-dressing pit crew is anyone’s guess. -Mark Dolliver