Boomers as Boycotters

The nice thing about being affluent is that you’re in a position to boycott a higher class of product. A 39-nation survey by Ipsos-Reid finds consumer boycotts are mainly confined to the “major developed countries.” And affluent baby boomers are the ones most likely to participate in such undertakings. A startling 50 percent of Americans in the survey said they’ve taken part in a product boycott. Other boycott hotspots include Canada (48 percent), the U.K. (45 percent), Denmark and Norway (44 percent) and Germany and Australia (40 percent). “North Americans age 35-54 are far and away the most boycott-prone group on the planet,” with 60 percent having boycotted. Among 18-34-year-olds in that region, 44 percent have done so. For those age 55 and up, the figure is 41 percent.Rob Nelson/Black Star/Picture Quest