Bob Greenberg, Titanium

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer, R/GA, New York

Greenberg, 57, is a veteran Cannes presence, serving as a cyber judge three of the last four years. He founded R/GA in 1977 with his brother Robert as a video production company, which then became a visual design studio, before settling on its third iteration as an interactive ad agency. Greenberg will not be a jury president this year, as he was last year, which is just fine by him.

“Last year, the weather was beautiful,” he recalls, “and I was holed up in a conference room.” What’s more, he says interactive campaigns are harder to judge than other media, since so many variables are in play with Web work, from user experience to navigation.

For that reason, R/GA rarely submits what he feels is its best work to competitions, instead entering light conceptual sites that are more likely to win awards. R/GA won six cyber Lions last year. Last year, the Cannes Titanium jury did not issue awards, finding all the entries wanting in some manner under the original mission to recognize groundbreaking and innovative ad work. This year, Greenberg expects a different outcome, since the category has been revamped to honor the best integrated campaigns.

With a background in graphic design, film and interactive, Greenberg says he is looking to find campaigns that truly touch consumers in innovative ways across a variety of media equally strongly. “It’s a really hard thing to judge,” he says. “Here you have to look at TV spots, billboards, direct marketing, in-store displays, Web sites and a whole slew of things. Some of which are really well done and some that can give you a headache.”

—Brian Morrissey