‘Bleach Boys’ Make Comeback

Oldies are still goodies.

In the late 1980s, Clorox II’s “Mama’s Got the Magic” jingle was near the top of the charts among focus groups with a 62 percent recall factor.

Twelve years later, DDB San Francisco, seeking to jump-start sales at Clorox’s cleaning and laundry divisions, is revivingthe campaign.

Dan Williams, who originally wrote andproduced the jingle, has been hired to re-create the “Magic.” Dobie Gray of “Drift Away” famewill again handle lead vocals.

Dan Williams Musicin Nashville, Tenn., specializes in radio and television commercials. “Red Lobster for the Seafood Lover in You,” Taco Bell’s “Run for the Border” and Mazda’s “Passion for the Road” are among its campaign songs. Even George Jones got into the act, crooning a Budweiser ballad for Williams.

The Clorox jingle was so popular (it placedNo. 5 in the nation, according to a 1990 Backstage magazine poll) that veterans of the Nashville music scene labeled Williams andhis associates the “Bleach Boys.”