Blackhawk Bows Ads

Ranier is launching its first branding effort for Blackhawk DSP.

The print campaign, which breaks next month, creates a new image for Blackhawk, a 2-year-old unit of Herndon, Va.-based defense contractor Electronic Warfare Associates.

Blackhawk’s digital signal processing technology is used in an array of products, ranging from computers to cell phones.

“We wanted the ad to stand out among the other technical ads,” said Steve Schuster, chief executive officer of the Princeton, Mass., agency. “We also wanted to connote a sense of quality.”

The signature ad shows a close-up of an artisan carefully shaping the rounded head of a violin.

“Handcrafted” is the tagline.

“[The campaign tagline] refersto how Blackhawk creates theoperating system from the ground up,” Schuster said.

The ads targeting hardware designers and engineers kick off in the November issues of Electronic Design and Embedded Systems Programming. Additional print executions are expected to break next year.

Interactive ad messages are already online at www.blackhawkdsp.-com/handcrafted.

The body copy merges the “Handcrafted” theme with the technical jargon favored by the target audience: “Ported from architecture, typical DSP operating systems never reach their full potential on any particular processor … Now, the engineers at Blackhawk have painstakingly crafted an individually perfect Linux-based RTOS for each modern TI DSP architecture.”