Black Lab Talks Trash for Heal the Bay

LOS ANGELES Independent Black Lab’s first pro bono campaign for the Heal the Bay environmental organization breaks in the next few weeks, according to the agency.

Television, print, outdoor, posters and collateral will comprise the campaign, said Holland Henton, co-president and chief creative at the Venice, Calif., shop.

Campaign visuals show exploded views of balloons, plastic oil containers and discarded cigarette filters posed as predators preparing to eat the Heal the Bay fish logo. Copy contains the tagline “Don’t let trash top the food chain” and offers ocean-friendly habits.

“We focused on all the small things you can do everyday, like watering your driveway,” Henton said. “Some of these things are so destructive, they go to the top of the food chain. All of them had symbolic mouths.”

Henton said spots that would run as public-service announcements are currently being developed along the same lines.

“The organization first asked us to bring synergy and consistency,” said Henton, adding that Heal the Bay originally hired the shop in October to create brochures. “We felt the logo, the fish with the bones inside, was strong, and that it became an iconic symbol.”

Several different agencies have worked for the Santa Monica, Calif.-based organization in the past, Henton said.