B+L Promotes Wisconsin Fair

CHICAGO Independent agency Boelter + Lincoln depicts the fantasies of farm animals in a new effort for the Wisconsin State Fair under the theme, “Can’t wait.”

“Time and again, fair visitors have literally told us that they ‘Can’t wait’ until next year,” said B+L creative director Joe Ban, in a statement. “We wanted to convey that sense of anticipation and excitement to our entire target market.”

The Milwaukee agency’s television, radio and online campaign breaking in Chicago, Milwaukee and other regional markets this week depicts the fantasies farm animals hold of their fair experience. In the TV spot, a cow, a pig and a chicken are listening to a radio promotion about the fair. Viewers are then shown their fantasies, with the cow winning a beauty pageant, the pig winning a race and the bird being turned into fried chicken.

Founded in 1851, the Wisconsin State Fair is one of the state’s most popular summer attractions, drawing 879,322 visitors in 2004. It will run from Aug. 4-14.

Spending on the campaign was not disclosed.