Billboard Is Bigger, Sharper in Times Square

DALLAS Billboard Video has introduced Times Square to one of the largest high-definition displays in the world, a jumbo screen that carries advertising for JPMorgan Chase.

Billboard, based in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas, specializes in advertising on video screens at retail outlets and other locations. The company recently acquired Sacramento, Calif.-based MultiMedia, which has made many of the signs in New York’s Times Square. ABC Television Network and the Trump Organization have been among MultiMedia’s customers.

Measuring 135 feet by 26 feet, the JPMorgan Chase display uses nearly 2 million pixels, which is 10 times the resolution of the average television and three times that of high-definition TV, company officials said.

“The newly unveiled JPMorgan Chase spectacular represents the future of advertising, allowing clients to brand multiple products and services in a dynamic digital format,” said Billboard president Bill Hall.