Big Things in Small Packages

Grey Advertising received a late holiday gift from client Hasbro, winning global creative and media planning duties for Micro Machines. The brand is a line of miniature figures and play sets that the toymaker owns as part of its acquisition of Galoob Toys in September, sources said.
Micro Machines was backed by a budget of $22 million in 1997, per Competitive Media Reporting, and $5 million through September of 1998.
Grey here referred calls to Hasbro in Pawtucket, R.I., which could not be reached.
Galoob holds the license for Star Wars Micro Machines. The overall line competes with other small die-cast toys including Mattel’s Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.
Towne Silverstein Rotter, New York, previously handled both Micro Machines and Galoob’s Pound Puppies, a line of miniature plush toys. The latter was awarded to Hasbro roster shop Jordan McGrath Case & Partners last week, said the client. Pound Puppies were backed by $8 million in ads in 1997.
“I was disappointed to see us swept out with most of the Galoob marketing staff,” said Steve Rotter, chairman of TSR, which introduced Micro Machines 11 years ago.
JMC&P launched Pound Puppies in 1985 and had other experience marketing small dolls, factors that won it the business without a review, according to Lorrie Browning, vice president, global strategic marketing/girls’ toys at Hasbro.
Grey, a 20-year Hasbro shop, oversees its Playskool and Parker Brothers lines. JMC&P handles some of Hasbro’s adult games, dolls and activity lines. Roster shop Griffin Bacal handles Hasbro’s Nerf, Tonka and Transformers lines, among others.