The Big Sleep Plays Broadway

A new outdoor display in Times Square will try to get the city that never sleeps to consider some shut-eye on its product.
Starting this week on the corner of 47th Street and Broadway in New York, copy on a
45-foot king-size mattress states: “You’ve tried Mozart, massage and medication. Now try a Sealy Posturepedic.”
The big bedding is the first high-profile effort from Long Haymes Carr for its new client, which recently relocated to Trinity, N.C.
Atop the billboard is a scrolling digital readout, sending messages to consumers on the street 24-hours a day, along with a camera that will transmit footage from Times Square to the company’s Web site.
Mylene Pollock, the Winston-Salem, N.C., shop’s chief creative officer, said securing the location for a 13-month contract took longer than a New York minute.
“The network of media companies that own the space . . . It’s practically like the mob,” Pollock said. “They’ve got the most desirable real estate in the world in advertising. It’s like they’re sitting on a gold mine . . . It was pretty difficult.” –T.W. Sieber