Q: How can advertisers take advantage of Americans’ recreational activities to promote their products and get hard-to-reach consumers, even in a struggling economy?

A: Wake up and smell the popcorn: Get them when they’re captive, in a good mood and focused—at the movies, according to Screenvision, a New York-based cinema-advertising company.

With strong ticket sales and blockbusters taking hold, cinema advertising is becoming a more viable part of media plans, especially as ad budgets tighten, said Todd Siegel, svp of sales and marketing for Screenvision. With admissions up 13-14 percent from last year, cinema has a growing audience, he noted.

“TV is fragmenting, and there are more and more choices for consumers,” said Siegel. “Cinema offers an uncluttered environment that is very effective compared to commercials on television.”

The future is bright for cinema advertising, which has experienced double-digit growth in the U.S. in the past few years, Siegel said. The medium tends to draw categories such as automotive and confections, but retail and packaged goods, among others, are also jumping on, he added.

Yes, today, movie-goers may leave the theater with more than just a mouthful of popcorn—they may be recalling your product and what it can do for them.