‘Big Love’ Salvo: Once Is Not Enough

NEW YORK A new campaign for HBO’s Big Love from Seattle agency Creature humorously highlights the upside of polygamy.

In two spots and four print ads, the agency shows different faux products for the polygamist market. In “Eau de Polygamie,” a chiseled young man strolls down a row of his wives who stand demurely next to a clothesline. Each one he passes registers disappointment at his rejection by casting their eyes downwards. Just as he about to pass another, he pauses. What is that delightful scent, he seems to say. They bound off into the fields together.

The other spot focuses on a Viagra-like drug for polygamists called “Polygarol.”

Spots will run on HBO until the end of June, and also appear on paid placement areas of Web sites such as YouTube. The print ads, which are scheduled to run in next Sunday’s New York Times, showcase real-estate and fake travel offers, all with a polygamist twist.

This is Creature’s first work for HBO. “We’re advertising to an imaginary target audience and letting people voyeuristically watch how we would advertise to this audience. So we’re communicating with our consumers via this imaginary audience,” said Jim Haven, shop co-founder and cd. “It takes something we’re all comfortable with—advertising—and kind of twists it. It makes fun of the medium and at the same time uses the power of it.”

The series follows a contemporary white-collar family—with one husband and three wives.

The spots, which broke this week, have yet to lure anyone seeking to purchase the imaginery products, said Courtney Monroe, svp, consumer marketing at HBO in New York. “Ultimately we’re just trying to drive awareness of a show which is about relationships,” said Monroe. “It’s a tongue-in-cheek surprise for viewers and a way to get the creative noticed.”