Beverly Hills Rolls Out the Plush Red Carpet

McCann’s Cable Come-on Sells City’s Cachet to Out-of-Towners
LOS ANGELES–Charlton Heston lends his voice to two new elegant television commercials for the Beverly Hills Visitors Bureau.
The cable spots, which break this month, are part of the bureau’s new campaign from McCann-Erickson in Los Angeles. Billings for the effort are estimated at $3-4 million.
“Hotel/View” depicts luxurious Beverly Hills hotel room interiors, complete with elaborate furnishings and decor. On-screen copy states, “Hotel living. Beverly Hills style.” The text continues when the camera pans to the view outside the hotel room window of an inviting pool and beautiful grounds, “View from Faye Dunaway’s room.” The camera then tracks to the view from “your room,” which is identical to Dunaway’s.
“Through research, we found that people believed Beverly Hills had unbelievable shopping, dinning and hotels,” said McCann executive vice president, executive creative director Peter Serchuk. “But people worried that unless you were a shaker and a mover, you might be kept on the outside. [But the ads show] that the same room you stay in is the same as Faye Dunaway’s, the same lobster Elton John eats at table 5 is the same that Wolfgang Puck prepares for you at table 6. They illustrate the city’s friendly and inviting personality.”
A second ad shows world-renowned chef Puck making his famous lobster dish at his Beverly Hills restaurant. The tagline, pronounced at the end of both spots by Heston, is: “Beverly Hills. Some things can only happen here.”
The spots run on national cable venues such as E! Entertainment Television, and the Discovery and Travel Channels.
McCann has also created a similar print series, with an updated, marbleized Beverly Hills logo it developed. Print ads appear in national travel and leisure magazines.