Between the Hardcovers With Dr. Angus

ATLANTA Move over Atkins. Make room South Beach. The Angus Diet book is here.

Eating the Angus Diet, by the fictional Dr. Angus of the Burger King ads from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, is a 130-page hardcover volume that spoofs the recurring fad of diet books. It was written and produced by Evan Fry, the copywriter on the Angus Diet ads, and John Parker, the art director for the campaign.

“All the other diets started with a book and it seemed only natural that Dr. Angus would have a book, too,” said Fry, who spent about a week producing the copy for the book.

Like the ads, the book is humorous and irreverent. It details Dr. Angus’ career as a hand supermodel, his years studying Buddhism and martial arts in the Orient, his role in squelching the domestic feline plague in Turkey, his encounter with a great white shark while diving in South Africa that cost him two toes, and his penchant for wrestling everything from alligators to supermodels.

The tome looks authentic enough, but the text makes it clear that it isn’t a real diet book. “I Am Not a Real Doctor” follows the first chapter, “This Is Not a Real Diet.”

The MDC Partners shop had 2,000 copies of the book printed and is distributing them over the Internet at It also can be downloaded or read online for free. The print edition costs $29.99. It also has been promoted in a direct response cable television ad.

So far, “tens of thousands” copies of the book have been downloaded on the Web site, the Miami agency said. It expects as many as 100,000 downloads. The total number of print editions that have been ordered has not been tallied yet, the agency said. Since the Web site was launched Aug. 15, it has recorded more than 10 million visits.